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We are a family run business

...supported by an amazing group of staff and volunteers. 


Fiona, Chris and Chloe Tothill the famil
Fiona New.jpeg
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Fiona has owned and worked with horses most of her life.  


She is a natural horseman who has a deep understanding of horses and how they think!  


Fiona is a level 2 coach and equine assisted facilitator.  


Feel free to ask Fiona more about the horses or how to develop your horsemanship skills, especially on the ground.

cdt nechta headshot_edited.jpg

Chris is our senior coach.  He is an enthusiatic teacher and natural horseman who has a talent for helping riders understand what they need to do to improve.  

He is passionate about his horses and this comes across in lessons.

Chris thrives on learning and passes this onto his clients.

Chloe has a passion for horses and shares this with everyone she works with.  

She is an excellent horsewoman and enjoys the technical side of riding.


Chloe has a clear yet fun approach to her teaching and wants everyone to improve whilst having fun.

colin on quad_edited.jpg

Colin is relatively new to horses although they clearly know who he is!  


Colin works in the background overseeing the maintenance and finances although he is around at weekends providing support to everyone.

alex at coolmore_edited.jpg

Alex is also a member of the family although works as a stud manager in Australia.  


He is an exceptional horseman and supports us with ideas and insight.  It is useful to have someone with a different perspective on the business.

We have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to enable us to run Kingsmead.
We have a senior team on the yard along with a our regular stable staff and a small number of apprentices.  We also have a group of volunteers who help both during the week and at weekends 

Centre Co-ordinator
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Horse Care Manager
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We also have a team working with us to ensure the horses are fit and well, including our vet, farrier, equine dentist, chiropractor,
reiki master & osteopath

Interested in joining our team?
Please contact Fiona to discuss current vacancies whether as a volunteer or member of staff.

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