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We offer a range of ridden lessons
including private, semi-private and groups for all ages and abilities.

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We have a number of lessons options here at Kingsmead including private lessons; semi-private lessons (restrictions may apply) and our very popular group lessons.  We guarantee the sessions and informal and fun!

If you are new to Kingsmead yet have done a little riding before we recommend you start with an assessment lesson, this can be on your own or with a friend.  


Riders who have never ridden will need a private lesson, where you will be shown the basics including how to get on and off safely.  You can start with a ground based session if you are nervous around horses.  

We do have a set of jumps (and horses who love to use them) as well as a small cross-country course in our woods for those riders who want to do more!

Private lessons start at £35*

Group lessons start at £30*

(*based on a junior coach in a small school)

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