What is Horse Agility?

Horse Agility can be a ridden or a non ridden activity that enables the leader to:-


Develop skills to positively influence the horse as they negotiate obstacles

Learn how you react to your horse & how your horse reacts to you

Build a rapport with your horse

Give both you and your horse confidence

Have fun with your horse and others



Suitable for any standard of rider – must be 10 years plus. 

Living as a herd

Herd life is important for horses; we have at least three herds here at Kingsmead. Come and enjoy watching the horses interact.

​Caring for the horses

We pride ourselves on knowing the horses and will tailor their work accordingly. Horses enjoy a variety of activites to suit their personalities.

Meeting  their needs

Our horses get individual care. They are seen  by the vet, the farrier, the osteopath and the equine dentist when needed.

A horse for everyone​

Our smallest pony is 8hh and are largest horse is 17.3hh; we have some steady cobs and some more energetic warmbloods.


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