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If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us! You may call us, email us, contact via facebook or even drop by! We have an open 'gate' policy!

How do you match the horse to rider?

Here at Kingsmead we always try to match our riders to our horses. Riders will start on our quieter horses until we can assess both their confidence and skill. We have a range of different horses to suit riders of all ages and abilities. It is important that you give us your accurate ability so we can allocate a suitable horse.

Do you have a weight limit?

Observation had shown us that people carry their weight differently and this can affect the horses; as with all riders we reserve the right the restrict the activity (in both duration and pace); for example a non rider over 16 stone would be restricted to riding in walk until they have achieved a secure and balanced seat.  Our coaches will work with you to ensure you are balanced and self supporting as this helps the horses, before trotting or cantering, being physically fit will definitely help.  All our riders are required to mount from a block and dismount directly onto the floor so a certain level of agility is required. If we feel the welfare of our horses will be negatively affected we reserve the right to cancel the activity. It is important that you give us your accurate weight so we can allocate a suitable horse. Please note there may be a waiting list for activities.

Do you have an age limit on riders?

No, however we do restrict activities for the very young and any rider under 4 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We don't have an upper age limit; as long as you feel fit to ride we will support you.

What to wear

Whether riding or just visiting the yard we recommend that you wear practical outdoor clothes, riders will need extra protection including gloves and either breeches, jodhpurs or jogging trousers. Footwear should be jodhpur boots, long boots or if you don't have these you may ride in boots or shoes with a flat sole and a small block heel (not trainers as they are too flat), sandals / open toes shoes are not safe around horses and should not be worn on the yard.  Some activities are not permitted in casual footwear. We also suggest that body protectors are worn when jumping.

We have a small collection of hats and boots that we can lend if you have nothing suitable (please ask in the office). Please wear a correctly fitted hat, and securely fastened chinstrap, to current standards (we can lend you one if you do not have your own hat).

We advise that clients do not wear jewellery whilst riding or handling horses and that long hair should be tied back. False nails can cause injury and are not recommended.

Do you ride English or Western?

All our horses are ridden in English tack, if you have only ridden Western please speak to us before booking.

Can I choose if I want a ride or a lesson?

You are able to discuss what you want to do with your instructor / coach. We have a range of riding opportunities from riding in the school to riding up the lane or hacking in open country. Where possible we will accommodate your wishes although your safety is our prime consideration.


Can I choose the horse I ride?

Whilst we cannot guarantee a horse, we are happy to accept requests; many riders have favourite horses, we will take this into account when planning which horse you will ride.  

Do I have to have specific equipment or wear particular clothes?

For your own safety riders should wear clothes / boots / helmets suitable for riding (for more details please see our important information for more detail).  We can lend you hats, boots and other equipment until you know you wish to purchase your own.


How far in advance can I book?

You can book a couple of months ahead or you can book on the day. It is easiest for us if you can book your ride straight after you lesson; this secures a regular riding slot. We are less likely to be able to offer the time / activity you want if booked late. 


How many lessons/rides may I book in a week?

There is no limit to the number of lessons you book within a week; we offer discounts for multiple booking


How much does the weather affect the lessons?

We ride in all weather unless it would compromise the safety of you or the horses. We may adjust the activity we do if necessary. We can offer advice on suitable clothing.

Do I have to pay if I cancel my lesson?

If you give us more than 48 hrs notice (lessons and hacks) you will not be charged, if you cancel within the time you will have to pay full price.We still have to pay our staff and care for the horses.  


I'm not ready to ride yet but want to build up my confidence, can you help with this?

Yes!  We offer a range of activities that are great for gaining confidence with horses - you don't have to ride to have great fun and exercise!

Do I always have to fill in a rider registration form?

Anyone registering on our booking system will be asked to complete an online form, which includes a disclaimer accepting that riding is a risk sport.  For parties / group booking the account holder is signing on behalf of the riders on their account and therefore are responsible for pass this information on to any one riding under their account


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