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We want you to enjoy your time with us as well as learning about horses and developing your riding and horsemanship skills.   Please read the following terms and conditions:

What you can expect from us

You will be treated with courtesy and respect.  We aim to get lessons out on time however sometimes we are running late or need to deal with an emergency in which case we will keep you informed. 

Your lessons / hacks will be appropriate for your standard. Your coach will work with you to achieve your personal goals.  We aim to make your riding lessons progressive however this does not necessarily mean each lesson will get faster or the jumps will always get bigger!

All riders reserve the right not to ride a horse allocated to them, we accept requests for horses however these cannot be guaranteed and we would recommend you ride a variety of horses.  You can request a change of instructor.


We reserve the right to withdraw any client from an activity if we feel continuing would unsafe or inappropriate. A decision will be made by a qualified instructor or management and our decision is final although we would try to find an alternative activity.

We are fully licensed and insured however you might like take out your own personal accident insurance.

KEC complies with GDPR regulation, any personal information will be held in accordance with current legislation, please read our Privacy Notice.

Clients are welcome to help on the yard however please ensure you have been inducted by a member of our staff before doing so.  We recommend you have adequate personal accident insurance.

More information and terms of booking can be found on our booking platform.

What we request from you

Please give us accurate information, you may put yourself and others at risk if you provide false information about your ability, knowledge or skill.

We try to keep yard rules to a minimum, any rules are put in place for the welfare or safety of clients, staff or the horses.  We ask that you abide by our yard rules and inform any children likewise.

Mobile phones should not be used whilst riding or working around horse

Please advise us of all previous incidents, injuries, medical conditions that may affect your safety with us. Withholding information may affect how we handle any incident requiring emergency attention.

Booking and cancellation

Late cancellations have a negative impact on the business and ultimately drive up lesson fees.  If you need to cancel a ride after making a booking you can do this through the system as long as you give us 48 hours notice your fee will be credited to your account as a 'stablecard' for future bookings.

We ride in all weather although you can request a stable management lesson if you prefer not to go out in the rain and don't wish to lose your fee.  Please check the weather forecast if you are worried about certain weather. We would cancel riding if it would be unsafe to ride due to weather conditions (please make sure we have a telephone number).

If for a reason you need to request a refund from your account please email the office team for a Refund Request form.

Kingsmead Equestrian Centre reserves the right to withhold a £10 or 10% (whichever is the greater) administration fee.

Your Health and Safety

Riding is recognised as a high risk sport, we have taken every precaution to minimise the associated risks however horses are still unpredictable animals so please take care and accept that accidents can happen!    Yard rules are displayed at the entrance; please adhere to these rules and ensure that any children under your supervision do likewise.

We want you to enjoy our horses, our lessons are aimed at increasing your knowledge and skill. We run specific lessons on horse awareness and strongly recommend that you enrol on a course to develop your skills and build a stronger relationship with the horses; this awareness can also reduce the number of horse related injuries.

Horses are naturally friendly and happy to be handled by people however please do not enter into any stable without assistance from a member of staff.  Likewise please check before feeding any of the ponies as some of them are on special diets or can get over-excited when fed by hand and may nip.

Your choice to ride or help on the yard is voluntary so please accept that you do so at your own risk and do not hold the riding centre or its employees responsible for accidental damage or injury (excluding accidents caused by negligence). Parents are responsible for ensuring their child is supervised unless in a supervised activity.

By booking onto a lesson at Kingsmead you agree to the following:

RIDING IS A RISK SPORT AND HOLDS A POTENTIAL DANGER, and that all horses may react unpredictably on occasions.

I have read and understood the above statement and accept the risks associated with riding horses and helping/working on the yard. I agree to abide by the rules of the yard and will follow any instructions given by the yard owner and her representatives. I aware the I am responsible for any children in my care except when participating in a regulated activity.

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