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Complaint Policy - whilst we hope you wont need to use this you can be assured that at Kingsmead Equestrian Centre we take complaints very seriously and welcome suggestions on how to improve the provision at the centre.  

Visitors and clients are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt attention to their concerns and wishes.
Making concerns known: Any person who is uneasy about any aspect of the centre’s provision should talk about any worries and anxieties with the senior staff present. The staff member will then make a written note of the complaint detailing: -
• The name of the complainant
• The nature of the complaint
• The date and time of the complaint
• The action taken in response to the complaint
• Result of the complaint investigation

If this proves to be unsatisfactory then the complainant might wish to have a further meeting with the senior staff or the centres Proprietor (Fiona Tothill). Again, the content of this meeting will be logged, and the information shared with the complainant.

The complainant might wish to have a member of their family or a friend present to act a a mediator.  Or the complainant can request a mediator who works with the ABRS/ RDA or Pony Club UK, or other equine organisation.

A mediator has no legal powers but can help clarify the situation. A mediator should –
• Help define the problem
• Review the actions
• Suggest further ways which may resolve it
• Meet with the group if requested
• Keep and agreed written record of any meeting held and advice given
• Keep all discussions confidential

If this proves unhelpful then the complaint may be taken to the Proprietor, Fiona Tothill
In certain circumstances it will be necessary to involve the Local Registration and Inspection Unit.
Complaints should be made constructively and resolved at the earliest stage, and in the best interests of all users of the centre, complaints must be taken seriously, treated fairly and sensitively, written details kept, and all information should be confidential.

Complaint Policy - January 2022

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