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Courses at Kingsmead

We offer a selection of courses and learning opportunities at Kingsmead. 

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Learning to lead

A guide for parents/carers or anyone wanting to learn more about the rewarding action of leading.

Aims of the course

The course will enable you to

  •  Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a pony in lessons, safely and effectively

  • Work in partnership with the coach to enable your rider to progress in a safe and controlled way

  • Learn more about how ponies ‘work’

  • Be confident and enjoy being around ponies and horses

At the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Know how to approach a pony safely

  • Get a pony out of the stable ready for rider to mount at the mounting block, and return pony to stable at end of lesson, with tack secured

  • Assist with mounting, check girth and stirrups etc,  and assist with dismounting at end of lesson

  • Lead the pony safely to and from the school, and in the lesson, so that your rider can concentrate on learning new skills

The course includes

Written material (Primaries Ponies workbook)


Practical hands on sessions