Led rides (on the bridlepath)


Led rides on the bridlepath are a good way to start if the rider lacks confidence or has a short attention span.

All the key elements can be introduced, riders can get to know our horses and staff well and we can get to know riders.  


We will match the rider to horse and a member of staff will take you through how to get on. Before you leave the yard they will get you settled in the saddle, show you how to hold the reins and how to sit. You'll then go on a 30 or 45 minute walk down a bridle path with the staff member leading the horse. You will be introduced to rider balance, steering, stopping, walking with a possible trot.  We can also introduce you to how positively influence your horse.

Families can join in and walk with riders and take those all important horse pictures! Please see safety advice below.

We recommend our riders under 6 and our RDA riders ride on the lane to build strength, skills and confidence.

We can lend you hats, boots and Hi-viz.


Please read through our safety advice for those walking with led rides. For any questions please contact the office on 020 8657 0832

Advice for Parents/Grandparents and Carers Lead Outs