At KEC we have an active HORSE AWARENESS PROGRAMME  delivered by our sister organisation

"In the Company Of Horses CIC (ITCH)"

We will share with you our knowledge of the horses and  how you can

enjoy a positive relationship with them, whether you are riding or

working with them on the ground. 

We encourage people to think about life from the horse’s point

of view and help them understand how horses think and behave. 

Reading the horses body language and other non verbal communication

is an important element of our horse awareness sessions.


Gaining some insight into how horses think and feel will have an impact

on your relationships with the horses.  Understanding the horses

and being mindful about how we relate to them is important to us

here at Kingsmead.

We can expand on this work with the horses by observing how the

horses respond to us, this is known as Equine Assisted Facilitation. 



What happens in a session?


We observe the horses and we see if we can influence them with positive communication.


Horses live ‘in the moment’ as such the horse provides you with instant feedback. 


The horses show no prejudice and respond well to people regardless of their mood, age or ability.

We offer private sessions where people can work on their personal agenda with the horses in a flexible and non-judgemental way.

Group sessions are also available to learn more about the horses and how to improve your communication and skill


Kingsmead Horses offer:


  • A fully qualified facilitator who is DBS (formerly CRB) checked


  • A facilitator who is experienced in working with people of all ages and abilities


  • A supportive environment to learn and have fun


  • Public liability insurance


  • A qualified first aider


  • A herd-based approach to horse care


  • An understanding of the physical, mental and emotional needs of the horse and of people.

Building RESPECT

During our horse awareness sessions you can learn more about the concept of RESPECT introduced by Fiona, we believe that by working on the following six elements both you are the horses will benefit from an improved connection.