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Hacking & Hack Coaching

Hacking is direct from the yard from where we can access miles of bridlepaths and tracks, we have spectacular views over the Surrey countryside and on a clear day across to London.  All our hacks include riding across commons and through woods with limited roadwork.

We offer private / semi-private or group hacks (of a similar standard) on sensible, well behaved horses as well as one to one hack coaching to help you develop your skills and knowledge of riding on roads and in open country. 
Our hack leaders are experienced and will gauge the route and pace based on your confidence and experience.  We have safe, genuine horses who will further enhance your experience.  We believe hacking must have the correct balance of pace, challenge and safety.  

We have a variety of routes ranging from our beginner hack of 30 mins to our extended hacks of 3 - 4 hours.

Prices start from £40.00 for a 45 min hack  

All riders will need to be pre-authorised for hacks longer than 45 mins.

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