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This video will walk you through registering and making bookings ( you will also find instructions under the booking guide on our page)        

The aim of the system is to make booking easier and remove as many barriers as possible.  You can register or check us out as a guest!

Below we have answered many of  YOUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 

I can see a lot more lessons and hacks, can I book every thing I see?
You will be able to see all available lessons.   Not all lessons will be suitable so do read the lesson description.  If you are new to KEC we would suggest you start by looking for your PRIVATE LESSONS where your coach can assess you.

I am not sure of my skill level, important?
You will be asked to self assess your skills level, please tick the level that best describes you on registration.  We will use this to gauge what activity is most appropriate for you 

What is the difference between events and services?
EVENTS include private & group lessons, hacks, pony club, holiday activities, these are all at preset times

SERVICES include private lessons with junior coaches, lane rides, stable management and agility, and are on offer at other times, giving you greater flexibility and choice.

Should I filter by experience?
NO ! You will hide most of the programme.  You will see many of the bookable events say “No experience”.  

I don’t know what level I am.
Don't worry , is you are unsure book a private lessons. We ask you to be honest about your riding as this helps us find the right activity and the right horse.

Are all groups based on one level?
No, we have some mixed level groups - especially for adults - please read the lesson description. 

Can I make my private lesson a semi private?
Yes!  Find a lesson, go to share lesson (prior to booking) and share to a friend.  You can then book as normal and your friend can do likewise


Do you mix adult and children classes?
No - our weekend lessons may be visible to adults however they are aimed at juniors as they have always been! Please follow description ( junior or adult).  You can opt to share your private lesson if you wish

What happens if I book an unsuitable lesson?
Don’t panic we will keep an eye and will contact you to move you if you are in an unsuitable lesson.

I can see a lot of hacking, can I book any hack?
You will need a private hack where our leader can assess you, assessment hacks are 45 minutes to 1 hour.  If you see a suitable hack , you can book it however you must email us to advise us that you need an assessment.

How do I bulk buy stable passes (tokens)?
*you either go to the “event” (ideal if you want to buy the same lesson each week) or
*you can go to “shop” and purchase as many stable cards as you wish, these can be used for any lesson of the same type.   It’s worth taking a look there are loads of packages on offer

Can I still purchase individual lessons?
Absolutely, you will be invited to by lessons and hacks in multiples ( this is quick and easy and can save you making numerous purchases) however you can still buy individual lessons

I want to buy a variety of activities each month, can I do this easily?
Yes - we are still getting our head around how to build packages,  these bespoke packages will be for anyone who rides multiple times a week.

Expiry dates on stablecards - what happens if I cannot use in time? 

Speak to our office team

Can cancellations still be done online?
Yes -  as long as you cancel before 48hrs you will receive a stable pass for a similar activity.  A stable pass can be used to buy your next lessons.  

Can I use my hack stable pass for a lesson?
Stable passes are to be used on a 'like for like basis.  We aim to keep flexibility so where necessary we will open the stable pass to include more activities and we can extend the expiry date.

I am struggling to find a lesson/ hack ?
No problem, drop us a message and we can send you a link or talk you through booking

Am I missing something?

Possibly - we offer riding under services and under events 
Flexi times found under SERVICES                 Set times found under ALL EVENTS


If you cannot find a lesson  or are struggling to navigate the system please call us and we will help  Tel: 020 8657 0832

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Pony Club at Kingsmead

Kingsmead is a Pony Club UK Centre we also have our own in -house 'pony club at Kingsmead' sessions


Pony Club UK is the world's largest equestrian youth organisation, with over 30,000 Members in the UK alone. By becoming a  Centre Member riders can improve their riding, take part in a huge range of sports and activities, and learn vital skills!  Ask your coach or in the office for more information.

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