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Testimonials For Our Horses

 From our customers and visitors. See what people are saying on our facebook page.


"He is a beautiful boy, with a stunning nature and has been amazing in getting me back to the rider I used to be."


"He's a bit of a hero really!"


"A gentle giant who makes me feel safe."


"He is such a sweetheart and so gentle. He helped me massively with my confidence."


"I came to Kingsmead at the end of 2012 following a serious accident, it was suggested that riding would be good rehab for me to get my strength back. After a few weeks, I started riding the adorable Turbo - and what a friendship it turned out to be. He gave me confidence, affection, trust and the opportunity to do something I thought almost impossible at one stage. His character is wonderful, and I would trust him with my life (but not my secret stash of apples!). Anyone who rides him would be sure to want to go out on him again - he is a very genuine boy, who tries his hardest all the time. A big thanks also to Fiona and the team at kingsmead, you have all been brill!!"


"Nechta is such an amazing horse and is the most amazing mover."



"I think Ivan is an absolute gem of a pony! He is such a trooper and is great at helping young people get into the saddle. He is friendly yet cheeky and is teaching me a lot about myself as I spend more time with him. He is so much fun to play with on the ground and always manages to find treats hidden in my jacket. He is very chilled out and is never bothered by the weather, or whom he rides out with and is great to see him help families ride together."


"He was the horse I had on my 1st lead rein. He was so well behaved and looked after me."

The following horses are no longer with us (we still want to acknowledge their contribution to KEC):


"He's so trustworthy and he is just so genuine! Hes a lovely horse and is definately not 'just a cob' he is an amazing jumper!"



"He's always there to greet visitors with his pouty lip and gentlemanly maners."



"He has completely exceeded my expectations when we long reined him, and took to the harness so well! I can't wait to continue working with him!"



"She is a truly honest and loving horse."


"A lovely horse to ride who's come on so much and a fantastic temperament for an ex-racehorse."



"He's so kind and caring, such a gentleman horse."



"Even thought she a old girl, shes still got it in her! If you are ever upset, Sadie picks you right up. Literally! And runs you straight back on to your feet. She has a heart of gold."



"A lovely old girl! With a few teenage moments thrown in!"


Cha Cha

"Just the most amazing horse to teach with and an amazing nature, plus a pretty face."


"A horse who knows exactly how you are feeling as a rider and will use that to teach you what you should be doing."


"When I lost my confidence he helped me to regain it. He is the safest pony ever and one of the cutest faces on the yard."


"He's such a no complications boy and he is perfect for all riders."


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