Winter Lockdown 2020

We need your support again.  We are being told to lockdown once more, however unlike many businesses we cannot simply close the doors and walk away.  We can furlough our staff team however our wonderful horses still need to be cared for; this is tougher this time as we have had a very wet Autumn and the weather is not being kind.


As with so many other businesses Kingsmead was severely affected by the Covid-19 lockdown earlier this year. For three months the family cared for all of the horses until they were able to welcome you back. During this time we estimated that the herd costs £200 per day to feed and care for. 


Many of our kind friends and supporters offered help without which we do not know how we would have survived.

The horses need to come in daily to be fed and cared for, they need additional hay (the best way to stay warm)  and generally more attention.  Government grants do not extend to caring for our equine team.


Lockdown Fundraising

So many of you have already come forward to ask how you can support which is overwhelming.

We therefore have set up this Crowdfunding page where you can help or the website link below.

To follow us for updates please download the Booking app and visit our Facebook Page

Enormous thanks 

The Kingsmead Horses

Herd life is important for horses; we have at least three herds here at Kingsmead. Come and enjoy watching the horses interact.

We pride ourselves on knowing the horses and will tailor their work accordingly. Horses enjoy a variety of activites to suit their personalities.

Our horses get individual care. They are seen  by the vet, the farrier, the osteopath and the equine dentist when needed.

Our smallest pony is 8hh and are largest horse is 17.3hh; we have some steady cobs and some more energetic warmbloods.

Meeting  their needs

A horse for everyone​


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